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Minimalist in form but multifunctional thanks to the many variants available: pull-out sofa, storage sofa, but also classic sofa bed in various sizes (double - twin - armchair) and two versions (1.7 + 2.0), all of which can be combined with the many chaise longue variants. A very narrow armrest that makes it easy to fit into smaller spaces, while not detracting from either the value of the seat or the aesthetics of the sofa itself.

Corner composition; chaise longue with storage and twin sofa bed: everything is possible!

The sofa bed in its more traditional solution can be accompanied by a chaise longue available in two lengths with one thing in common: the large and practical storage under the seat cushion.

The classic twin solution gets a makeover and in this space-conscious model avoids the side opening so as the inclusion of the center table and instead allows for the addition of a sleeping space-a practical trio that does not Giving up neither comfort nor quality of sleep.

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