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GUAXS masterpiece is a new line of luxurious sculptural glass and crystal, combining the finest art of glass making with our distinctive GUAXS design to create outstanding and unique limited editions. With this product line we strive for perfection, distinction and revolutionary glass design in every aspect. Every single piece is inspired by nature and cultural artefacts, always influenced by our personal experience gathered on travels, intuition and close observation.

GUAXS masterpiece is a line without compromises: All objects are designed and pre-sculpted in plaster by Anselm and Annette Schaugg in their atelier in Germany. Selected master craftsmen in Czech Republic, blow the glass by hand using multi-layered fully coloured glass and fine crystal. With a strong materiality - combining thick crystal showing the depth of each glass layer with strong custom made colour - we try to push the boundaries in manual glass production.

In a meticulous selection process, only pieces with perfect quality and clarity will be chosen for further embellishing and engraving in Germany and Czech Republic. Each piece is then cut, engraved and polished by hand. In collaboration with our industry partners we have developed special cutting tools to create patterns, cuts and engraving unequalled in the glassmaking world, leading to a revolutionary and distinctive appearance. Accompanied by a hand-signed certificate of authenticity each masterpiece is shipped in a custom made wooden box .

Annette and Anselm Schaugg

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